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Titan USA Blanket Order Policy

  • In an effort to help secure consistent long term business with your end user customers, TITAN USA can provide a blanket order program based on the following guidelines.

  • A guaranteed purchase order must be placed for the full quantity to be supplied over the duration of the blanket order. Blanket orders not to exceed 6 months.

  • Scheduled releases will be made during the first week of each month for the duration of the blanket order.

  • Pricing will remain firm for the duration of the blanket order based on quoted price at the time of order placement.

  • Blanket orders will be shipped complete within the negotiated timeframe of the blanket order. Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, the completed quantity may vary + or - 10%. Our quotes assume acceptance of this variation.

  • Due to manufacturing, inventory, forecast planning purposes etc., NO CANCELLATIONS OR RETURNS will be allowed on blanket orders regardless if products are special or standard catalog items.

  • ***All returns are subject to review upon receipt by Titan USA***

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