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From High Performance Taps to those engineered from High Speed Steel, and even Thread Forming Taps, taps and dies, and accessories, Trust in Titan USA to deliver the best quality, American made tooling at an incredible value. Your Tool Crib Deserves Titan USA.

High Performance Taps

Taps offered in Spiral Point and Spiral Flute styles, designed to provide you with the high performance tooling your tool crib deserves.

General Purpose Taps

Wide selection of Taps engineered for a variety of applications, all ground from high speed steel blanks that meet ANSI specifications.

General Purpose Tap Sets

Titan USA's Tap Sets are ground from high speed steel blanks that meet ANSI specifications and are offered in standard and metric sizes.

Combination Drill & Taps

Titan USA's Combination Drill Taps are engineered to drill a starter hole, then tap, saving you time, money, and space in your tool crib.

General Purpose Dies

Browse from a selection of carbon steel and high speed steel dies, die stocks, and top handles, all fully stocked and manufactured in the USA.

Die Stocks

Browse from Titan USA's Die Stocks, engineered for use with Titan USA's Adjustable Round Split Dies and ready to ship day of purchase.

Tap Handles

Engineered for use with Titan USA's Hand Taps, this fully stocked offering of American-made Tap Handles are ready to ship to you, today.